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We are the best Junkyard in Calumet City, IL! Junk your car today with Calumet City Auto Wreckers and cut out the middle man, so you get top dollar for your junk car! Free towing within 10 miles when you junk your car with us, call us now for details! (708) 868-6390

You break them!!! We take them!!!

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 9am-3pm Sunday closed

Family Owned and operated our Junkyard in Calumet City, IL has been selling quality used Auto Parts since 1996. Serviced and sold by qualified parts specialist


for over 20 years Calumet City Auto Wreckers INC is your go to place for quality used parts & top dollar for your junk car. Stop in our Calumet City, Illinois Junk Yard or give us a call today.



No project is 2 big or small for our auto wreckers in Calumet City, IL! No matter if you're looking for 1 piece or you're a core buyer, Wholesaler, Car exporter, Garage hobbyist , General mechanic, give us a call & let our specialist point you in the right direction. Buy with confidence, ask us about our warranty on quality used auto parts. Call Now!




We Buy Junk Cars & Sell Quality used Auto Parts


Beat the High Cost of Car Repairs in Chicago, Illinois with Used Auto Parts

Due to the rising costs of car repairs, many owners reported putting off small repairs until later, which actually resulted in higher cumulative costs.

Are you experiencing sticker shock for the cost of auto repairs in the Chicago, IL area? One great way to combat the costs is by purchasing used auto parts from our Calumet City, IL auto wreckers. When you buy used auto parts, you’re getting top quality products, but at a fraction of the cost, so you can significantly reduce the overall cost of car repairs and keep more cash in your pocket.

Call Calumet City, IL Auto Wreckers at 708-868-6390 and let us know what you’re looking for as we can help with affordable parts and repair. If we don’t have it at our main Calumet City, IL junkyard location, we have three other junkyards in Illinois and Indiana we can search from. Whether you need interior, exterior or motor parts and repairs, we’ve got you covered with our affordable auto wreckers in Calumet City, IL. If you’re interested in hearing the feedback we receive from our satisfied customers, like Calumet City Auto Wreckers on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for customer feedback, company updates, special offers and information.


Does it cost too much to repair your car?



You may have wondered when passing by an auto wreckers, “Why do they crush the cars?”

The most obvious answer to this is to clear up space to fit as many cars in a given location, the overflow would quickly become a problem if we were to not crush the vehicles before hand.

But crushing the vehicles is just one step on the way to recycling the vehicle as a whole and when it comes to recycling there is a lot more than just stripping and reselling parts. This is just a small percentage of the junk car recycling market. You see, the average vehicle is comprised of more than 60% steel and iron and this could be worth anywhere from $200 to $250 per ton.

Today Americans are scrapping over 10 million cars & trucks per year, and as technology advances that number is only getting larger and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, new steel requires nearly 75% more energy than reprocessing recycled metal, also, recycled steel is less expensive because funds are not required to extract and refine the ore used in the process.

Actually, all steel that is manufactured today contains at least 25% recycled material, with a lot of this scrap coming from the auto industry. When a junk car is scrapped and recycled, each part is recycled and reused in some way.

Are you still in search of used vehicle parts? Visit Calumet City Auto Wreckers or call us at (708) 868-6390 and we'll give you a fair and honest deal.

Calumet City Auto Wreckers is located in Calumet City, Illinois. For great quality used auto parts in the Chicagoland & North Western Indiana area, call our Calumet City, IL junkyard today (708) 868-6390

Calumet City Auto Wreckers prides itself in customer service at Calumet City, IL. Also now servicing Chicago & Northwestern Indiana ( Whiting, IN, Hammond, IN, Gary, IN, East Chicago, IN for junkyard service ). Stop in or give our expert used car part specialist a call & see if we can help you find that part you need & get you back on the road at an affordable cost.  We have 1000s of cars to chose from, in all models new & old. Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Dodge, & Nissan just to name a few. Stop in or give us a call. (708) -868-6390
We buy junk cars in Calumet City, IL & Chicago, IL with free towing up to 10 miles. Give us a call for details on selling us your junk car that could be earning you money!
If you're looking for Junkyard in Hammond, IN, we're right next door. Give us a call for a free quote today 


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