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How to sell your junk car for cash.

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We’ve made a quick and convenient blog so our future customers better understand & feel more confident on how to sell their junk vehicle for money today.

Cash for junk cars
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Here at Calumet City Auto Wreckers our car buyers have heard it all in person, on the internet, and over the phone. If you're in a situation where you need cash and it's time to sell your junk automobile, but don't have a clue on how to? Here is a guide from the pro's on how to sell your junk car for scrap & turn it into cash.

1. First things first, make sure you can locate the title.

If you cannot locate your title it is a much harder process to sell your junk vehicle, but it is still possible. (Please see bottom of page for lost title advice.)

2. Give our junk car buyer specialist a call at Calumet City Auto Wreckers for a free quote.

 Our Specialists are live M-F 8am to 5pm, Sat 9am to 3pm & Sun closed. Give us a call at our normal hours of operation, or leave us a message to get top dollar for your junk car now! Our car buyers have over 25 years of experience and can assure you that you'll be in good hands when it's time to get money for your junk car.

3. Accept our offer.

You have 72 hours  to accept our offer. We'll collect the additional information needed to complete the process when the tow truck driver arrives. Or when you visit our convenient location at 630 State Road Calumet City, Illinois 60409.

3. Make sure to remove any electronic Tollway devices.

Many states now have electronic components that suction cup or Velcro to the windshield. Many times these devices are connected to credit cards and personal information attached to the serial number so please make sure you bring these belongings with you before you sell your vehicle turn auto recycling facility.

4. Remember to take off your license plates.

In many cases when you go to sell a junk automobile to a auto salvage yard, the car is disabled. By the time the tow truck driver is there he is ready to pick up the vehicle and the customer often forgets to remove the license plate. This is a friendly reminder from the pros to make sure you take off you're a front and rear plate before the driver gets there, thanks!

5. Remove all personal information & belongings out of the car

Like most people it is very easy to accumulate things over time. Please make sure to remove personal belongings out of the glove box, center console, side doors, and trunk. It is unknown sometimes where a vehicle is headed after the junkyard and from our personal experience it's a good idea that papers containing your personal information be remove from the vehicle before selling.

6. Get paid top dollar.

When our driver arrives and a brief inspection is done. You'll receive a check on the spot for your vehicle. If you follow these simple steps, you can be assured you will have a smooth junk car selling experience with the specialist at Calumet City Auto Salvage. Call to sell us your junk car today!

*Lost title:

If you finally made the choice to sell your junk car for cash, but can't seem to find the title, don't worry this is very common situation. Are professionals here at Calumet City Auto Wreckers can guide you through the proper steps on how to sell your car when you can't find the title.

First things first you need to ask yourself do you even want to replace the title?

Before you go through the whole process of getting a replacement title. You need to ask yourself do you want to replace the title. Illinois & Indiana's DMV's will allow you to apply for a duplicate title if your title is lost stolen or destroyed. In some instances you can even apply at the DMV for an authority to sell, giveaway, or dispose of the vehicle for scrap metal without applying for the actual title. Call your local state DMV for more info.

How to apply for a duplicate title in Indiana or Illinois

In order to apply for a duplicate car title you will need to simply visit your local DMV and obtain approval. In some cases only certain DMVs handle titles so please check first with your local Department to see if they handle car title duplication issues & double check with their requirements are for the process to ensure there are no extra Hang Ups an extra trips to the DMV.

Can't replace the title?

If you cannot replace the title your next option is to search for a Chicago junk car buyer that specializes in buying cars without titles (Cal City Auto Wreckers does not buy cars without titles). Some junk yards accept alternative proof of ownership on vehicles such as car registration insurance policy and or bank balance payment verification. Give Calumet City Auto Wreckers a call today & trust us for getting the most out of your clunker. For over 25 years, our auto salvage yard has paid out the highest returns for junk cars in Chicago, Illinois. Regardless of age or condition, we'll pay you a check on the spot for your junk vehicle! Call 708-868-6390 to request free estimates or more information.

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