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Calumet City Auto Wreckers 7 reasons when to buy used auto parts guide

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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Quality used auto parts call Calumet City Auto Wreckers (708) 868-6390

1. Availability

In certain situations it is hard to come by new Auto Parts. Typically due to when bad weather conditions occurs with ice and snow. Perfect example, this past winter we've had in Chicago. New parts sell out & most of the time your local recycling facility will have the used auto parts you're looking for in stock on hand.

2. Restoring

Many times when looking to restore an older vehicle. You'll find over the years manufacturers discontinue production of many parts for these older vehicles. You will find that makes for a headache more times than none when restoring a car, truck, or suv. Give Calumet City Auto Wreckers a call and see if one of our parts specialist can find that hard to find refurbished or used auto part for you today!

3. Direct fitment OEM (factory parts)

OEM meets factory & warranty standards. OEM means "original equipment manufacturer" Go out in the mechanic, engineer, or fabrication field sometime and ask some of the professionals what they recommend using over anything else & you'll see the pros prefer a direct OEM fit, there's nothing like it. Our parts specialist only deal with Factory OEM parts from bumper to bumper. Call one of our parts specialist today to make sure you have that OEM fit!

4. Save money

In many cases when looking to replace a malfunctioning auto part. You'll find buying Quality Used Auto Parts from a junkyard can save you up to 60% or even greater in certain instances. Call one of our Cal City Auto Part Specialists today for a free quote on your next used Quality Auto Part.

5. Refurbishing

Here is another example how to save some money. Many junk yards now have the technology to test their parts, clean them up, rack and store them properly. Call one of our Calumet City Auto Parts specialist today and see if we have your refurbished part in stock. 

6. Environmentally friendly

Buying used auto parts is definitely eco-friendly. Many times Mining and Manufacturing can negatively affect our environment, so buying used parts help save the environment. All whit the preservation of the surrounding ecosystems and natural resources. Call one of our Calumet City Auto Parts specialist today & help keep the planet safe.

7. Temporary car

Many families or businesses keep that one extra spare car or truck. Maybe it doesn't get much use, or you plan on selling it in the near future, & you just need a part to get you to the next point in life.

Here at Calumet City Auto Wreckers, our specialists totally understand everyone has different needs...

The good news is we're here to help, so give us a call today! (708) 868-6390

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